About Herb's Healing Center

Herb’s Healing Center is one of Vernon’s newest dispensaries and hydroponic grow supply stores. With our roots planted steps away from beautiful Kalamalka Lake (google it!, it’s stunning), we concentrate on supplying and sourcing only the highest quality cannabis products available; primarily from the Okanagan area. We are a vertically integrated dispensary and take pride in controlling the quality of all our cannabis products. This includes edibles, tinctures and suppositories produced in our commercial kitchen. Our flower is grown in within a 20-mile radius of our store. Our founder has been growing hydroponically for many years and still hand-trims his bud to ensure the integrity of his product remains top-shelf.

Herb’s goal is make sure people can use quality lab-tested cannabis at affordable pricing and with knowledge and confidence. Our highest priority and purpose is to provide cannabis users with not only the highest quality products, but laboratory test results to accompany those products. At Herb’s we believe cannabis is a powerful plant capable of providing pro-active and preventative care helping to treat a number of different health conditions and symptoms. Our well-informed staff is great with sharing our research knowledge and experience-based advice to help you make an educated decision on what products will work best for you.

We have a variety of products for you to try including dried flower, concentrates, oils, tinctures, topicals, edibles and beauty products! We pride ourselves on upholding a high standard of quality control, therefore all our edibles and topicals are made in-house by our sensational chef!

The staff at Herb’s have a combined 15 years experience working in and operating a medical cannabis dispensary. We continue to educate ourselves on the science of cannabis daily and look forward to the legalization of a herb that we believe will heal the nations. We aim to honour the plant, the people that use and need it and those that don’t yet understand it. We love this plant and we love what we do. We would love to talk to you.


Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment