Membership & Shipping

How do I become a member?

We require proof of membership from a Canadian Dispensary or Licensed Producer, a prescription for cannabis/marijuana (signed by an MD, Nurse Practitioner, Naturopath, Doctor of Chinese Medicine), statement of diagnosis or a federal license (MMPR, ACMPR OR MMAR with an expiry of March 21, 2014 or later)

How do I order? 

Once we have received the required documents for membership you can place your order by email, to info@herbshealing.ca, or by phone at 1-778-475-5700. We accept credit card and E-transfer payments. 

Do you offer discounts?

We are happy to apply 10% off to your entire order if you are registered as a member with federal license or medical document.

Can I add/edit/cancel my order after it’s been placed?

If your order has not left the building we will always try to accommodate. Please contact us if you’d like to make any changes or cancel your order. All shipping orders leave Herb’s between 2 and 3pm.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship to all provinces in Canada via Canada Post Xpress. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $200(before taxes).

How do I track my package?

You will receive an email with a link to Canada Post and a tracking number within 24 hours of placing your order.

How long will it take to get my package?

Depending on where you are located in relation to Herb’s (Vernon, BC), it can take anywhere from 3-10 business days.

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost is based on weight, size as well as where you are located in relation to Herb’s (Vernon, BC). We do offer free shipping anywhere in Canada on any order over $200(before taxes).

How is my order packaged?

Your privacy and satisfaction is our #1 priority. We use plain white boxes to ensure your security. We double seal everything, first in it’s container or bag and then every item is vacuum sealed as well. Safety and discretion is important.

My tracking number doesn’t work, HELP!

Typically, if the tracking number does not work it is one of two issues:
1. The Canada post website has not yet updated their system to include your tracking number. Please allow until the end of day.
2. The tracking number has been entered incorrectly and/or provide incorrectly. Please re-enter correct tracking number.
If neither of these solutions worked for you, please contact us for further assistance. We will get on it right away.

The Canada Post website says my package has been delivered, but I have not received it yet. What do I do?

If you have not received your package within 48 hours of estimated time of arrival, contact us. We will contact Canada Post and help to locate your package and have it delivered to you in a timely manner. 

Product Information

What is responsible and sensible cannabis use?

Like any medicine, cannabis can be misused. Excessive or irresponsible use can contribute to problems including sleepiness or sleeplessness, overeating, and time management issues among others. Much of current scientific and anecdotal research highlights the benefits of cannabis; however, due to the political climate surrounding cannabis use research, clinical studies have been limited in the past and much is still being learnt about the potential side effects and benefits of cannabis use. Always use good judgement when medicating and understand the consequences of appropriate cannabis use. These guidelines help identify ways of using medical cannabis in a positive form.

  • Adults should use cannabis as part of a healthy, balanced, and responsible lifestyle.
  • The decision to use cannabis should be made freely, and not as a result of social pressure.
  •  Cannabis users should be well informed about its effects on themselves and others. These effects include both legal and health risks and personal consequences.
  •  Never use cannabis as an excuse for antisocial or irresponsible behavior.
  • Cannabis users should model and reward responsible use, particularly with new users.
  •  Develop sensible cannabis use limits for your self based on personal, health, situational, and cultural factors. It is important to be objective about your personal cannabis use and listen to the constructive advice of others.
  • Avoid cannabis use that puts you or others at risk, such as when driving, at work, or in public places. Remember, personal use of cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and penalties are stiff.
  • Use of cannabis by children is inappropriate and should be discouraged.
  • Cannabis use should contribute to, rather than detract from, a patient’s health, well-being, creativity, work, relationships, and social obligations.

What are Methods of Consumption

Medical Cannabis can be ingested in many different ways. Effects may vary slightly with different methods of consumption. The length of time it takes for the medicine to take effect, and the length of time that the medicine remains effective, can vary greatly with different methods of consumption.

Smoking Cannabis
The most common ingestion method has traditionally been to smoke the dried flowers and/or leaves of the cannabis plant. Dried cannabis can be smoked in a pipe, rolled into a cigarette (or ‘joint’), or smoked using a water pipe (commonly called a ‘bong’). Water pipes were once thought to filter out some of the carcinogens in cannabis smoke, but studies suggest that there is no significant health benefit to smoking from a water pipe over other smoking methods. Regularly smoking any plant material can have a negative impact on pulmonary health, and therefore Peace in Medicine recommends patients use vaporizers or edible forms of medicine whenever possible.

Vaporizing Cannabis
A vaporizer is a device that allows the patient to separate the cannabinoids (the therapeutically effective chemicals in cannabis) from the plant material without burning. This is possible because cannabinoids vaporize (turn to a gaseous form that can be inhaled) at a temperature lower than that required for burning. As a result, the patient can inhale without taking in the burned plant material that constitutes “smoke”. While scientific studies are lacking, it is commonly believed that vaporizing is a healthier form of ingestion than smoking cannabis. Vaporizing is believed to mitigate many if not all of the negative effects of smoking. It tastes better as well. If you are used to smoking your medicine, you may think that you aren’t “getting anything” at first when you vaporize, because vapor does not burn the throat. Even though the vapor doesn’t burn, it is still quite effective. Use caution and wait a few minutes to feel the full effects before taking more.

Edible Cannabis
Edibles are foods cooked with butter or oil that has been infused with cannabis. Edible cannabis usually takes longer to take effect (20 minutes to an hour or more) and the effects generally last longer than smoking or vaporizing. Edibles taken on an empty stomach will take effect significantly faster than if taken immediately following a meal. It is difficult to know how strong an edible medicine will be, and because it can take an hour or more to feel the full effects, it is easy to over-medicate. Use caution! If you have taken your medicine in an edible form, wait at least an hour to be sure you know how strongly it will affect you before taking more.

A tincture is a concentrated form of cannabis in an alcohol solution. Tinctures can be taken under the tongue or mixed into water or other beverages.

A topical is a salve, cream or lotion infused with high concentrated cannabis oils and essential plant oils to help with skin conditions and/or minor localized pain.

A concentrate is exactly what it sounds like, a concentrated form of cannabis for vaporization or smoking. There are many different kinds of concentrates to choose from depending on what you are trying to achieve. Oils, shatter, budder, live resin and rosin are all made using different techniques and methods. If you’d like to learn more, contact us or visit our blog!

A suppository is a solid dosage form that is inserted either rectally or vaginally where it dissolves and exerts systemic as well as local effects. Our suppositories are made with a cacao butter and dark indica THC oil. Using this method of application is great for those seeking relief from chronic pain without the heavy sedating effects.

How do I choose the right product for me?

First off, knowing what you are trying to achieve is an important first step. After viewing our menu, if your still unsure of what you need, give us a call! One of our knowledgeable, friendly staff would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and even make suggestions based on experience & knowledge.

Where does your product come from?

Our products come from various sources within the Okanagan region, but will always be lab-tested to ensure we are providing the best quality products available. Most of our flower is hydroponically grown by the owner of Herb’s Healing Center and hand-trimmed to perfection. We also have a brand new commercial kitchen where all our edibles are created by our in-house baker! All outsourced products are sampled by staff and thoroughly researched, again assuring that our patients are receiving the best quality products available.

What is the best way to store the product I purchase?

We recommend storing flower product in an airtight glass container accompanied by a Boveda humidity pack. However, what is most important is that you ensure your cannabis is in a dark space at or slightly below room temperature. To the best of your ability reduce air and light contact. Concentrates should be stored in a slick tub (small silicone container) or parchment paper our of direct sunlight or heat. Edibles (if they last that long..) will vary depending on the variety should be stored in the fridge or should be stored in the freezer if you don’t plan on eating them within a few days.

Cannabis Information

How is medical cannabis different from recreational cannabis?

Medical cannabis is only available when approved by a Doctor for people with specific medical conditions. Medical cannabis should be inspected for cleanliness and quality.
Recreational cannabis occurs in numerous forms and may be adulterated with a number of other substances. There is no standardization on the street and users have no guarantee of potency or content.

What are some alternatives to smoking cannabis?

We offer a variety of infused products that do not require inhalation of smoke whatsoever. We have a wide selection of edibles, organic cannabis leaf juice, suppositories, topicals, tinctures, capsules and bath products.

What is THC & CBD?

THC and CBD are two of many known cannabinoids that effect receptors in our brain cells that alter neurotransmitter release. While THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, CBD is just as well known but does not promote any psychoactive affects. THC can be used to alleviate a variety of ailments such as pain, muscle spasms, migraines, tumor growth and stress. Whereas CBD has been shown to be extremely successful in reducing inflammation, and anxiety disorders; as well as helping humans and animals with epileptic issues.

What is the difference between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains?

Sativa strains are typically known for providing an energizing, uplifting and euphoric high, while Indica’s are known more for their relaxing high and heavy body buzz. Hybrid strains are generally a mix of both indica and sativa, but can present dominant characteristics of one or the other, depending on the genetic makeup of the cannabis plant.

When I eat edibles, how do I know how much to take?

Our moto on edibles is ‘low and slow’. We recommend if you are new to edibles, to start with a small dose of something with 5-10mg THC. Never eat edibles on an empty stomach as it can intensify the psychoactive affects. Dehydration is a common side effect of edibles and cannabis use in general so be sure to have lots of water on hand. If you feel like you need more – wait. Edibles can take up to 4 hours to metabolize in your system, depending on the person. So always wait at least a few hours before ingesting another dose.

Is lab testing really that important?

At Herb’s we believe so. Our highest priority is to make sure our cannabis users are receiving the highest quality cannabis accompanied by current and accurate test results. This is true for any cannabis based product that Herb’s Healing Center represents, including, but not limited too edibles, flowers, tinctures, oils, and suppositories

Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment